What we do?

CommuniTEA brews aerated compost tea. Aerated compost tea is brewed to maximize soil biodiversity. Organic agriculture relies on living organisms to process nutrients bound up in compost. Our tea gives your soil a boost of life to help cycle nutrients. Aerated compost tea has been described as Emergen-C for plants. Several of our shareholders have noticed a boost in leaf production after adding compost tea.

We use the finest quality worm castings locally sourced in the Denver area. We brew those organisms with our unique recipe to maximize life in our batch. Due to the nature of living organisms, we cannot guarantee certain species. Each batch is examined using microscopy to ensure there are sufficient beneficial species and a range of diversity. Organisms we look for are beneficial nematodes, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa. Give us a follow on Instagram to see what is brewing this week!

Along with life, there are trace (unmeasured) amounts of nutrients from additives we use in our brewing recipe. However the plant available numbers will vary depending on the batch. As organisms grow in our batch the amount of nutrients will decrease as they get bound up in the biomass of these living organisms. Luckily they have short-lived lives and will die releasing these nutrients for your plants. So yes there are nutrients, but you are really using compost tea to improve the quality of your soil, which will in turn result in increased plant production.